We make data easy. You and your team will be able to apply simple techniques to get confident with data.

We Make Data Easy

Our mission at Data Workshop is very simple: we make data easy. Some people call this topic data literacy. We try not to, because it's difficult to define. At DW we prefer to talk about you: what you want to do with data, how we can help you. We've been working on our materials for years. The on-demand content is high quality videos plus workbooks, with live Q&A webinars for those who need the motivation of a live session. We can also come to your offices.

You can start today with our free short guide pack. One of the guides is called Get Me My Data Now! Why? Because sometimes change only comes after frustration. Sometimes, it takes some pressure to look for help. If you've got into a situation where you need answers from your data and you don't feel like you have the tools or knowledge to make sense of it, we can help.

Tuned for Small Business

Small business owners and team leads like you are overlooked by big data vendors. We can guide you through the maze, helping to maximise the value of the tools you already have. Data gets more important, bigger and more complex every year. Whatever industry you work in, there will be a lot of data. If only you could arrange and understand that data faster, you could save money and increase profits. We have developed a range of accelerators such as email courses, videos, ebooks and more to help you help your business grow.


Many, many, many people are confused or afraid of data at work. It's not part of the school timetable. It's one of the most useful assets in any business, of any size. In particular, smaller, newer businesses don't have the budget to hire data professionals and find themselves grappling with sticky problems. This is where Data Workshop can help you. We make data easy.


However you wish to learn, whether it's by grabbing one of our free guides, or attending a complete course using a mixture of recorded videos and live webinars, your day is about to get brighter. Imagine if you could tackle any data question, work from solid facts, and plan your strategy armed with the knowledge that sets you apart from the competition. Your customers will benefit and your business will grow. This could be you, basking in the glow of a data-enabled life.

What do you want to know?

This short sequence will demonstrate the steps you need to take to understand what knowledge or insights you are missing, and how to get the data to answer your questions.

The benefits of data

This animated presentation shows the process which takes you from vague questions and incomplete data to a clear strategy for influencing others through data stories.


Data Workshop partner with TIBCO. We have deep expertise in TIBCO Analytics and TIBCO Unify. We offer training and consulting in TIBCO Spotfire and other products.

Thank you!